Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hundreds Sign Up for Let's-Cut-the-Crap-Mexico-is-not-doing-Okay Campaign

I just saw this new group recently created on Facebook that is part of a citizen-based campaign called, in rough translation, 'Let's cut the crap--Mexico is not doing okay' or 'Dejemos de hacernos pendejos: México no va bien'.

If you're on Facebook, I invite you to visit the group's homepage and read its mission and the comments Mexican FB users have posted there. Very interesting stuff. While the bottom line of most of them might be counterintuitive, it is true as hell: Mexico will only improve when their citizens, especially those on the middle and upper-middle classes who control a vast majority of decision-making processes in Mexico that affect income distribution and equalitarian access to opportunities, step forward and decide to change themselves. Mexico will become a real democracy only when its elite decides to open up and honor citizen rights for all Mexicans in the same way.

I'll cut the crap myself and better encourage you to go make up your mind yourselves. In the meantime, I guess this will be the first group I sign up for on Facebook. But it's just me.