Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No One's Talking About Us. Not Even Us

I have to admit I found about the news in the form of gossip only two weeks ago. A good friend of mine who lives in New York brought it up over the omelettes we both were having for breakfast in a Diner close to the Madison Square Garden.

"Did you know even Alejandro Junco moved his family out of Monterrey?," she told me while we were talking about a fixture topic among Mexican expatriados: who else is already living abroad, where are they moving and why. "Yes, se armó un relajo porque Junco no dijo nada en el periódico; se supone que nadie sabía," she went on to explain when I confessed I didn't know anything about it. Shame on me, I know. The story was really old; back from September. But apparently it only appeared on The San Antonio Express-News (a paper I don't read) and Reporte Indigo (a website I don't read).

That the Junco family has decided to move to, of all places, beautiful and great Austin, Texas (the place I now consider home), didn't surprise me. What really surprises me is the large amount of people who are still living in Mexico given what's been going on there for years. But what really struck me was that Junco's leaving didn't make news in Mexico, and that Junco himself decided to keep the news from his own employees.

As any therapist will tell you, it's hard to try to manage a problem or at least to discuss it when it's not even admitted. If you've read this blog in the past, you know its mission is about discussing this very kind of phenomenon. But no one will talk about his/her own experience. Not even the owner of one of Mexico's largest newspapers.

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