Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Upside Down

Oh, yes. It's here. November 4th. The Day that Will Define the Twenty-First Century. ¿Exagerado? Well, don't think so. When you talk to your Gringo friends and ninety nine percent of they tell you that, if Obama doesn't make it tonight, they will move abroad 'cause el Gabacho will become and unbearable place to live in, things are very likely to smell historical.

What's funny about this History-in-the-making Election Day, is that it feels so similar to the good old days when Electoral Democracy was still a dream in my country, México Lindo y Qué Violento Se Ha Puesto, Carajo. You know, the polls that seem not to be working properly, the excitement of the younger voters for casting their first vote ever, the Right-Wing Scare at the possibility of an Obama/Cárdenas/López Obrador win--classmates in Stanford are telling stories of dorm-mates who are voting McCain because they don't want their parents' assets to be nationalized by Barack 'That Sick Socialist' Obama or their taxes being raised--and the mixed feelings of fear and excitement and anxiety and emotion.

It's like Democracy is Upside Down, or being born again. The Whole World is watching what happens today. Here, in NorCal, friends of mine are already volunteering to ignite up the riots should Barry loses the election. Oh, I hope not. But they would be so if given the case. And to those who claim that will move abroad if Lovely Sarah gets the VP gig I have already advised to better stay at home. 'Cause out there no one will believe America really wanted change.

So cross your fingers, get your ass to the poll if have not and if you can, and let's hope for the best.

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