Monday, February 11, 2008

Like he really cares, yeah...

President Felipe Calderón is visiting the US... just one week after Super Tuesday... and won't see President Bush.
Aside from questioning who's making President Calderón's Diplomatic Agenda, what really upsets me--I'm a naïve dreamer yet; can't help it, though--is Mr. Calderón's unassuming lack of genuine interest for the Mexican Community living in the US that he claims to care so much for.
Thirty minutes of his time is what Mr. Calderón reserved to meet with Mexican community leaders in NYC. That's it. No talking to the press, no real grassroots effort to know firsthand what Mexicans are going through during one of the worst times for Mexicans in the US in decades.
I'm not adivino, medium or chamán, but I saw it coming since I learned the date Mr. Calderón would visit Manhattan: The news of his visit would be minimally featured, if any, in The New York Times' front cover. Here we go: This is what the NYT ran on Calderón's visit in today's website. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's print edition:

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