Tuesday, July 15, 2008

If you're to find a job in the U.S. it better be off Spanish-language TV

The San Francisco Chronicle reported today that Spanish-language TV journalists in the Bay Area are paid 25% less that their angloparlantes counterparts, even though the Univision local station, "KDTV has beaten most of its Bay Area English-language competitors in various ratings contests".

The problem is, brown audiences are still considered poor, cheap. Naquitos, pues.

For someone like me, or dozens of friends of mine, who've worked for a number of years in Spanish-language media in the U.S. this ain't news looooong before this news broke. But some other gringo colleagues have just found out due to the SFC story, and they seem pretty pissed. Guanabee picked up the story, and then Gawker picked up Guanabee's take on the story.

If you want to pick up my take on the story, go to my FB page and read.

Aside from the is-this-news-or-what debate, what do you think, dear paisanos? Are y'all experiencing the downside of your Latino accents at your own working places? Por favor, cuéntenmelo todo, in any language you like.

Major accents accepted.

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